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Prepping up your Boat

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in Boat Care | Comments Off on Prepping up your Boat

479With the onset of winters, it is time to put away my prized possession- my boat. My summer weekends were well spent in the company of my boat buddies. Last year, after my last outing I carelessly left my prized possession lying around, and to my horror half of my summers were spent on overhauling it. Lessons learnt, so I am never going to repeat my carelessness or laziness.

Never forget to cover your boat when storing it, the amount of dust, grime and dirt buildup will be considerably reduced. You can get your boat wrapped by professionals, even though this might be a costly affair, but will ensure your machine is safe and secure. Even before that you need to look for space to store the boat. These are big bulky machines and need space. If planning to keep it outdoors, choose a secure and convenient place nearby to keep a check on it. If you have enough space in your backyard, consider storing your boat there. If you have space in your garage, there cannot be a better place.

Always lubricate your machine. Make sure you moisturize each and every fitting including the engine. I tried Yamalube 2 stroke oil and I am quite happy with the results, and I will again go with the same this time. Change the engine oil and lubricate every single fitting, so that the time taken for overhauling is less and you can enjoy the machine for a longer time.

Always clean and wax your boat before storing it, so that there is less work when you take it out in summers. Remember to top off the fuel tank so that there is no condensation in the tank. Repair your boat if required, do not put it off till summers. You can seek professional help if money is not a problem. Scrub the exterior of the boat to clean up the salt buildup.

Remove all electronics and batteries and store and secure them separately. Check for corrosion and charge the batteries if needed. The drive belts can be loosened or taken off completely because the can crack under constant pressure.

Do not forget to refresh your Coolant system. You need to drain out the existing coolant, clean it and refill it with fresh coolant. This is done to prevent your engine from freezing and corrosion.

Keep yourself warm and your boat safe, secure and fit during these winters!


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