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All You Need To Know About The New Pokemon GO

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in Game, New Pokemon, Pokemon GO | Comments Off on All You Need To Know About The New Pokemon GO

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past week or so, you must have heard about the new craze called Pokemon GO. It has all the fans of the beloved 90’s trademark franchise up and running – quite literally! So, what is it, how does it work and how can you enjoy it? Find out right here!

Pokemon GO is a newest smart phone based game that allows you to enjoy the popular universe that has been a center of obsession for almost three decades. Kids that grew up watching this show in the 90’s are well in their twenties now, but this phenomena of a game is breaking the age boundaries making the grown-ups fall in line with their younger game friends and enjoy catching them all.

Making a successful attempt at capturing the adventures and possibilities of a Pokemon trainer, you will be able to catch, train and in the end enjoy epic battles with your new found Pokemon.

The system that the game is working on is very interesting, since it blends a classic card battle with real life actions to create dynamic and interesting fights between different Pokemon. But the real secret to this game’s success is the vast world that you can explore in order to find the beasts, just like in the cartoon. But the world is not a pre rendered map or a huge sandbox level that you maze through! The game is using the augmented reality system, making the real world your play map in which you can find and capture Pokemon using virtual Poke-balls.


This game is making a huge splash in the game world and pop culture since it is making more and more people, both children and young adults alike, go out and literally hunt! Next time you see a group of teenagers running around your block, park or even museum holding a phone, they might be looking for a Pokemon.

Looking through your phone camera will show you the map of your surroundings and possible locations for different Pokemon, based on their characteristics and once you get close enough digital augmented creature will appear on your phone screen. Capturing it with a flick of the finger is a bit tricky since some of them can deflect or escape capture, depending on their level.

Once you have your critter captured, it’s just like in the show – you can nurture it, groom and train it, pairing it with other’s in competitive mode. Battles are interesting, real time and intuitive, with your gestures as well as your Pokemon’s stats determining the battle outcome.All in all, the new game based on this incredible universe will wake your inner child and make you into a fan even if you are not one. Based on the success of the game’s early days, both thanks to the innovative game system and franchise’s popularity, we might be witnessing a wave of augmented reality video games.

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